A Spanish galleon hidden beneath shifting desert sands, abandoned mines that once held sought after treasure, lizards able to swim through sand dunes like fish through water — these are but a few of the many strange and exotic secrets the desert keeps hidden from the casual eye.


Desertwalk is an odyssey into that unusual world of plants and animals adapted to extremes of heat and lack of water. It is stories of exploring desert trails and learning to appreciate the spirit and temper of that stark, mysterious and hauntingly beautiful land we call a desert.


To further appreciate the Desertwalk experience, author, Audrey Schumacher Moe, has lavishly illustrated each chapter with her detailed and delicate watercolor paintings.


 If you enjoyed Beachwalk, An Everyday Journey through Sea, Sand and Surf, you will find Desertwalk, A Search for Secrets of the Desert inspiring and remarkable.



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