Desertwalk Feedback

Audrey, I have spent some time looking over Desertwalk. It is simply stunning.

The words and the artwork flow so beautifully.

I'm proud to give this book as a gift and proud to know the author.


Karen L. Twichell, Author/Speaker

A Caregiver's Journey – Finding Your Way


I felt immense enjoyment in every step of Audrey's Moe's Desertwalk.

Walking with her on morning strolls with her dog Geronimo gave me

the chance to experience the dramatic beauty of the desert and share in the excitement

of discovering its surprises and hidden treasures.

The author has a marvelous way of connecting the struggles and

triumphs of desert life with those aspirations, conflicts and moral choices

we face in our own lives. Desertwalk is a wonderful read.


Gordon Gumpertz, Author of the adventure novel TSUAMI


Watercolor seeds by author Audrey Schumacher Moe.

I had to write to tell you how absolutely elegant your new book is.

I bought my copy on Thursday and I've been dipping into it ever since.

Not only is it so beautiful-the whole concept-but it's fascinating reading.

I cannot see how you can fail to win many awards.


Marci Stillerman, author of award-winning Nine Spoons.


Join accomplished author and artist Audrey Moe as she reveals the

hidden secrets of the desert. From nearby mountain ranges to the smallest of creatures,

Desertwalk captures it all in loving detail. Following Moe's acclaimed Beachwalk,

Desertwalk charms and captivates the reader with its stories of buried treasure,

abandoned gold mines, a Spanish galleon hidden beneath shifting sands,

Indian artifacts of subtle beauty and even rattlesnakes in the bedroom!

Desertwalk will be read again and again, and like the desert, itself,

will continue to surprise and remind us of the treasures that are ours to discover.


G. Gordon Davis, author and Palm Springs Writers Guild member


I have just spent a half hour with Desertwalk, and I think it's one of the

loveliest books I've ever seen—the pictures, words, feelings—everything.


Jenny G. Award-winning short story writer


Watercolor seeds by author Audrey Schumacher Moe.
Watercolor eggs  by author Audrey Schumacher Moe.


Watercolor eggs  by author Audrey Schumacher Moe.
Watercolor seeds by author Audrey Schumacher Moe.

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