Walk Publishing LLC is proud to have published these three outstanding hardcover and softcover  books. Our high quality printing and papers bring out the beauty of the water color paintings of the artist-author. And most importantly, the excellent reviews of these books attest to our featuring of Audrey Shumacher Moe’s books on this website.


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Walk Publishing LLC has more recently published a fun, quick read, paperback: Celebrities in Hiding. In this book, you will find the same skill and artistic talent that makes Beachwalk and Desertwalk so special, applied in Celebrities to bring life to interesting true stories about celebrities in The Desert.

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Beachwalk Feedback



Read what others have to say about Beachwalk...

"You've provided emotional sustenance and thought provoking reflections..

your artwork is exquisite... you've captured both beauty and strength with

your words and your art."


Laura Taylor

Author, editor and writing instructor


"A beautiful work of awe, wonder, and basic hope. A celebration of the

waves of life, Beachwalk embraces us all and the solitude we hold dear. It

observes death and resurrection and touches the reader with eternity. This

gentle book is a poem to nature, an artistic essay on life, and an

evocation of essential connectedness of all things. It should be a part of

everyone's life."


Norman Mark

Author, talk show host, wine columnist and a fan of sunsets


Shell bars in pastel colors by Audrey Schumacher Moe

"I just finished reading Beachwalk. Rarely does the warmth and sincerity

shine as it does in your book. A page-turner from the beginning...the only

time I stopped was to wonder at your moving illustrations. All I can say is

move over Thoreau."


Norman Eckelberger



“What a breath of fresh air!

What a welcomed intrusion of absolute joy and ecstasy just walking through

the pages of the treasure of Beachwalk, by Audrey Schumacher Moe. My kind

of woman. When this treasure arrived yesterday, I dropped everything and settled

in a chair in the screen house to enjoy the spring morning and early afternoon lost

on the beach feeling the sea breeze in my face, the sand under my feet, the sweet

smell of the ocean. I imagined I was walking with Audrey sharing the excitement

of finding broken glass, driftwood and shells by the thousands.

What a joy to experience.”


Letter from Louis, in Louisiana to Arlene Pike, Diamond Bar, CA


Shell bars in pastel colors by Audrey Schumacher Moe

"I am choosing to read your delightful book a few pages at a time, as it is

an inspiration each time I pick it up. It awakened quiet thoughts and

allowed me to bask in the kind of serenity that nourishes the soul. I feel

a sense of equanimity and well being from each reading...and for that I

truly thank you."


Sandi Benjamin

Real estate agent


“I have been going to write you for several days and tell you how much Leon and

I enjoyed your book “Beachwalk.” Our daughter got it for us for

Christmas...Leon read it first and loved it. I just finished it and agree...”


Barbara Stedman, Fort Atkinson, WI


"What a beautiful book! I received it this morning and couldn't put it

down. You have a wondrous gift."


Paul Gregory

Movie producer


Shell bars in pastel colors by Audrey Schumacher Moe

“My mom called me yesterday to say she has never read a book that matched

her own feelings about walking on the beaches, she loved your illustrations and

designs with the rope etc....she just could not stop talking about what she has always

felt about the beach and that you were able to put in words and pictures....then

she started to cry and thanked me for the most perfect gift she has ever received.....”


From the daughter of Lois Heeter, Newport, Oregon


"Congratulations on your successful book. What a beauty! I commend you on

your writing, drawing and painting. You have done a wonderful job putting

together a quality product straight from you heart."


Bob Hurlbert

Writer, novelist




“I purchased your book at the street fair in Palm Springs...it is marvelous. I treat

myself to its magic...a little each day, not wanting to finish it too soon. You are

so right, a Beachwalk can be anywhere...so many need to read this wonderful

book if only to slow down and learn to look.”


Carol Masters, Laguna Beach, CA


Shell bars in pastel colors by Audrey Schumacher Moe

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