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Walk Publishing LLC has more recently published a fun, quick read, paperback: Celebrities in Hiding. In this book, you will find the same skill and artistic talent that makes Beachwalk and Desertwalk so special, applied in Celebrities to bring life to interesting true stories about celebrities in The Desert.

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A bird feather in tans greys and whites by artist Audrey Schunacher Moe.

Audrey Schumacher Moe writes about nature. She captures the essence of the outdoors from the smallest of creatures to the grandeur of mountains. Through dedicated observation, she relates details easily missed by the casual bystander and fills in the picture with exotic and little known scientific details.

"Nature does not stand apart from the human condition, but is intertwined and woven so intricately and beautifully into and around the lives of people that there can be no separation of the two forms. What each does affects the other whether it is realized or not."

From this premise, Audrey helps the reader recognize the importance of the ant as well as the orchid. After reading her work, we are better able to appreciate the world we live in and find peace in our surroundings. To further inspire the reader, Audrey illustrates her writing with detailed and delicate watercolors adding further inspiration to insights into the natural world. In Beachwalk, her observations on the beach lead to discoveries and connections the reader can share. She sees past the obvious and digs into the inner self. With her finely crafted watercolors she shows us her treasures about beachwalk.

A Monarch Butterfly rests on sea-grass on the shores near Laguna Niguel California  by artist Audrey Schunacher Moe.

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