About Desertwalk



 A Spanish galleon hidden beneath shifting sands, abandoned mines yielding nuggets of yellow gold, termites that clean the land and function as desert recyclers, lizards swimming through undulating dunes like fish through water - these are but a few of the many strange and exotic secrets the desert keeps hidden from the casual eye.


Desertwalk is an odyssey into that unusual world of cactus and creosote bushes, darkling beetles and singing cicadas. It is stories of exploring desert trails, experiencing elusive wildlife and learning to appreciate the spirit and temper of that stark, mysterious and hauntingly beautiful land where rains are seldom and winds sweep the sands.


When people move to the desert, they often attempt to tame it with grass and irrigation and air conditioning, to turn it into the same kind of environment they came from. But the beauty of the desert is its aloof character, its perceived hostility to the newcomer and its hidden secrets known only through time.


To understand the desert is to experience its odd and unusual moods, its extreme daytime heat and intense cold on a winter's night, to appreciate its seasons of dry, brown scenery as well as its vistas of dramatic purple and yellow wildflowers that spring up after a drenching rain.


The pages of Desertwalk open a door into the mysterious world of unusual adaptations to climate where leaves have developed into spines, where wildlife appears mainly during the night time hours, and where every precious drop of moisture is conserved in some unique manner.


Desertwalk speaks of the essence of desert life through simple experiences - the peacefulness felt by sitting quietly while quail scratch for seeds under a bush, watching a roadrunner uncover a scorpion from beneath a nearby rock or stopping in surprise as a bobcat rushes for cover.


For those caught in the magnetic pull of clear blue skies and warm sunny days, the serenity of wide views and majesty of distant pastel mountains, the desert sheds its cloak of intimidation and shows its true self, a sanctuary to nurture the soul.


Watercolor desert moths in tans and browns by author Audrey Schumacher Moe.
Cactus flowers watercolor in yellow and green by author Audrey Schumacher Moe.

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